7 Things Every Host Should Know

Kauna kitchen events

Hi guys, Thank God the weekend is here again??. So what are your plans for this weekend; do you plan to relax, spend quality time with loved ones or maybe you still have lots of energy and will be hosting friends or family; then this post is coming just in time for you. Whether you’re having family or friends over for brunch or dinner, these pointers will help make your life easier and your guests experience enjoyable. I learnt some of these lessons the hard way so I’m hoping you will learn from my mistakes:)

Kauna kitchen events

  1. Know your guests’ preferences and/or dietary needs: There is nothing as sad as realizing that you prepared a dish or used an ingredient that your guest/s can’t eat For instance, dodo gizzard may be a favourite Nigerian dish but not everyone is crazy about gizzards. The situation gets worse If you don’t have any substitutes. I’m sure you don’t want to order take out or have your guest go home hungry because they can’t eat what you prepared. As such, before you decide on your menu, call your guests and find out if they can’t have certain foods whether it’s for religious reasons, allergies, or they just can’t stand it. Taking this step will save you a lot of stress and also show them that you care.
  2. Create a menu and prep list in advance:  Once you find out your guests preferences or non-preferences, take the time to plan and create a menu.Are you having a 3 course meal? What kind of appetizer/s will be on the menu? Creating a menu will help you come up with a concise ingredient list and determine what you have at home and what you need to buy. The prep list will help you plan your time well, for instance If you will be making curry chicken sauce, you can marinate the chicken and cut up all the veggies the night before.
  3. Have extras: It’s always safe to have 1 or more dishes just in case your guests are good eaters and also because accidents happen.So you could have two appetizers with different flavours e.g. peppersoup and plantain mosa. Another benefit of having extras is that just in case an accidents happens e.g. you overseason the peppersoup, the plantain mosa will come to the rescue. 
  4. Stick to the familiar: It’s never a good idea to try something new when you’re hosting guests especially for a recipe that requires preciseness or takes a lot of time to make. Chances are the first time you make a dish it usually doesn’t turn out well because like everything else practice makes perfect. So I would suggest that you make dishes that you’re comfortable with because even if you make a mistake you might be able to patch it up somehow.And seriously you don’t want to experiment on your guests as well.;)
  5. Glasses should never run dry: You know how there’s that AWKWARD SILENCE at times at an event, what’s the first thing people usually reach for…in most cases their glasses…(Well but in this gadget oriented generation of ours, people are more and more escaping conversation by fiddling with their mobile phones).Now that might be a bit rude especially when you were invited over,so that’s where a glass of water or wine comes to the rescue. Having something to sip on will help your guest take time to find something to say during their sip or just calm the silence for bit. Maybe you and your guests are chatty enough, nonetheless you want to make sure their thirst is always quenched.
  6. Step up your routine: try not to settle for basic or your normal routine. You invited people over and you want them to feel special or valued by going out of your way to do at least something unique or different for them . It’s an occasion, so celebrate it. Use your fine silver cutlery or expensive glassware. Light candles or use fresh flowers as a centerpiece.
  7. Check in: It’s always nice to call or text your guests to find out if they’re home safe and sound. Afterall they took the time to honour your invitation and we all appreciate being checked in on as often as it happens.

What other things do you think a host should know? Share with us in the comment box below.

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