DINNER TONIGHT: Lemon Butter Rice, Cucumber Apple Salad & Smoked Turkey

Hi you. So I’m excited to start a new series on the blog called Dinner Tonight. I’ve been asked this question quite a lot in recent times “Uneku, do you have any good dinner suggestions?” , and it got me thinking that I might as well just share these ideas on the blog where allRead more

How To Make Steel Cut Oats

nigerian steel cut oats recipe

Honestly, steel cut oats should be one of your top foods to consume; if healthy eating is a priority for you this year. Since I heard about them and started incorporating them into my diet, I have not looked back since then. I’ll be writing a Food Profile on Oats in the future, but whatRead more

Kunun Aya Drink – Tigernut Drink

kunun aya drink

Hello blog family, I hope you had a Happy Valentine and don’t forget that Valentine can be a constant experience for you if you choose to give and receive love daily. By the way Happy New Year as well, may our ginger for 2018 not run dry;) So our recipe for today and to kickRead more