Suya Chicken Recipe

When last did you make Suya Chicken? …Uhmmmm…No more pondering. Join me and make this delectable suya chicken recipe. Thanks to my most recent trip to Nigeria, I had a taste of Suya again and was inspired to make this recipe when I returned. I checked for different versions online and I found one whichRead more

Orange Scentleaf Chicken

orange scentleaf chicken

Orange scentleaf chicken is a simple recipe I made with one of my favourite marinade recipes. You can find the recipe here. You can use either scent leaves or basil leaves; I have made the recipe with both and I enjoyed it.  I used chicken breasts for this recipe, so I did not marinate theRead more

Chicken Curry Recipe

Kauna Kitchen

Hi everyone, I was really looking forward to having a plate of chicken curry and tortillas this weekend, but that is unlikely to happen as I just had a tooth extraction.So for the next 2 or 3 days my diet is strictly restricted to liquids and semi-solids till the pain and swelling go down. SinceRead more

Poulet Yassa Recipe

poulet yassa

I first had Poulet Yassa at a Senegalese restaurant here in Montreal and I remember that there was something distinct about the sauce and the way the onions had caramelized. So when I finally decided to make the sauce for myself, I was totally surprised to discover the combination of ingredients used in making the recipe.Read more