Kunun Aya Drink – Tigernut Drink

kunun aya drink

Hello blog family, I hope you had a Happy Valentine and don’t forget that Valentine can be a constant experience for you if you choose to give and receive love daily. By the way Happy New Year as well, may our ginger for 2018 not run dry;) So our recipe for today and to kickRead more

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Summer is slowly drawing to an end but I am still delving into different drink recipes for the summer and today’s recipe is for one of my favourite summer drinks for the year. It’s a simple strawberry lemonade that offers refreshing relief from the heat and promises a lot of zingy sweetness as well. EnjoyRead more

Honey Mint Lemonade Drink

Nigerian lemonade

Lemonade anyone? It’s that time of the year again, and my favorite month of all…I’m one of the many July babies who never spent her birthday in school? and as a result escaped “bumping” from friends who wanted to pay me back for what I did to them on their birthdays.lol. (Anyone who went toRead more

How To Make A Yoghurt Parfait

yogurt parfait

Yoghurt parfaits for breakfast anybody? Thanks to cooking school, I recently discovered this beauty called a “parfait ” and not only that, I found out that I could make it with plain old yoghurt. Well that is a plus for me, considering the fact that I never really do anything different with yoghurt and sometimesRead more