Stir Fry Peppersoup Spaghetti

Stir fry pasta

I’m sure you are wondering which one is peppersoup spaghetti again right?  But let me calm your apprehension; this dish right here is to live for!!! I made it one one of those days when I was craving something out of the ordinary. I was originally planning to make peppersoup, so I already had allRead more

Garlic Butter Scentleaf Tilapia

Garlic Butter baked tilapia

Hi guys, this recipe is a simple but tasty fish recipe I enjoy regularly. There’s really no story behind it; I generally enjoy garlic butter fish and I had a batch of fresh scent leaves in my fridge. So instead of using other fresh herbs like parsley or oregano, I decided to try scent leaves.Read more

Chocolate Cassava Pudding


Hello blog family, So my 9th dessert recipe for you is a pudding recipe I made using cassava flakes a.k.a garri. You might be wondering how I came about this idea, I’ll be glad to let you know in as few words as possible. Don’t ask me why, but on a particular day my formerRead more

Lime Sugar Cookies with Coconut

nigerian cookies

These sweet, chewy, lime cookies are my 8th dessert suggestion for this Christmas. I had a large number of limes in my fridge and since I didn’t want them to go bad or dry out, I went searching for various dessert recipes that incorporate limes. I came across a sugar cookie recipe which was madeRead more