Pepper Garlic Shrimps & Scentleaf Spaghetti

pepper garlic shrimps & scentleaf spaghetti

Scentleaf spaghetti & pepper garlic shrimps…this combination is to live for!!! As you guys know, I have a passion and knack for fusion cuisine and I enjoy thinking of ways to create or slightly modify the staple recipes we are accustomed to having in Nigeria. Another thing you should know about me by now isRead more

Chocolate Cassava Pudding

Hello blog family, So my 9th dessert recipe for you is a pudding recipe I made using cassava flakes a.k.a garri. You might be wondering how I came about this idea, I’ll be glad to let you know in as few words as possible. Don’t ask me why, but on a particular day my formerRead more

Cinnamon Crisps, Orange Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Hello blog family, so my offering for our 7th day of Christmas is this really easy cinnamon crisps and orange ice cream dessert with chocolate sauce. What I love about this dessert is the way that you get a mixture of textures and tastes; crispy, soft, creamy, cold and warm. By the way, the additionRead more

Zobo Poached Pears & Ice Cream

Zobo dessert

Zobo poached pears, don’t these beauties look dangerously good? Honestly,when I first heard about the concept of poaching fruits, it didn’t sound so appealing to me.Yes I could understand poaching other food items but not fruits; at the time I couldn’t imagine what was so enjoyable about a fruit boiled in any liquid; especially aRead more