Suya Chicken Recipe

When last did you make Suya Chicken? …Uhmmmm…No more pondering. Join me and make this delectable suya chicken recipe. Thanks to my most recent trip to Nigeria, I had a taste of Suya again and was inspired to make this recipe when I returned. I checked for different versions online and I found one whichRead more

Orange Thyme Turkey

Orange-thyme turkey

Turkey is now a staple protein in our household diet since I’ve cut down on my red meat consumption. Turkey is a lean meat that takes well to seasoning and that’s one of the reasons I love cooking with it. Marinating meat is a common feature in cooking school and it has rubbed off onRead more

Scent Leaf Dip

Scent leaf dip

  Since I made this beautiful and flavour packed dip . I have made it into a curry sauce and added it to peppersoup. review. …. ..delightful. I discovered this amazing recipe on one of the food blogs that I follow “Kitchen Butterfly”, it’s owned and managed by Ozoz Sokoh. She is really doing aRead more

Orange Scent Leaf/Basil Dressing

  HI people and welcome to the month of June.I am always excited about the start of the month because just like every new thing or event it gives an extra boost, a chance to start over, a new perspective. ..and so on It is always exciting for me when I discover new ways ofRead more