Lemon Butter Rice

Nigerian lemon butter rice

Lemon butter rice…I made it, I tasted it and it was on point. Guys believe me when I say you have to make this rice dish for yourself. As much as I love lemons and keep them as a staple ingredient in my fridge, I was quite skeptical when I discovered that there’s a riceRead more

Vegetable Rice

This vegetable rice dish is a healthy, easy and tasty dish to add to your repertoire of healthy dishes. My husband really loves rice so I’m challenged to find new and healthy rice options to make for him often. This particular dish allows me add as much leafy greens as I like without him complainingRead more

Coconut Rice Pudding

Coconut Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is one of those desserts that’s really simple and easy to make, yet it tastes really good. It’s what you would call a “comfort dessert”. However when paired with coconut milk, the recipe moves a step higher on the delectable scale. If you don’t have homemade coconut milk then you can opt forRead more