Simple Salad Dressing Recipe

Simple salad dressing

Hello blog family. In today’s post I’m sharing my simple salad dressing recipe with you. I no longer buy salad dressing to use at home; ever since learning how to make my own from cooking school. I tried different variations using different ingredients such as honey, brown sugar, hot pepper, apple cider vinegar, orange juice,Read more

Fruit Salad With Orange Juice

Hello family, Merry Christmas from us here at Kauna Kitchen. I apologize for the delay in putting up yesterday’s dessert post, so for today, i’ll be posting the 11th and 12th days of Christmas. The 11th dessert is a simple fruit salad made with orange juice and a bit of honey. Use yur favourite fruitsRead more

Tomato Salsa Recipe

Tomato salsa

Salsa which is the Spanish term for “sauce” is a Mexican side dish which can be used as a dip,relish,topping or sauce. Traditional Mexican salsa is tomato-based with additional ingredients  such as onions, peppers,corns, beans and spices.However, modern day salsa recipes now feature combos of other fruits and vegetables such as pineapple salsa, mango salsa, bellRead more

Cucumber Apple Salad

cucumber apple salad

I love making salads with different ombinations and I particularly enjoy the fruit and vegetable combination. Recently I combined an apple with some vegetables in my fridge and thus came about this easy but amazing salad recipe that I’m sharing with you today. My husband who avoids vegetables on his plate like a plague actuallyRead more