Red Bell Pepper Sauce


Red bell pepper sauce is one of my favourite sauces to make now.You ask why? It’s very tasty and much faster to make than tomato stew. Honestly as much as I love having stew; it takes a bit of time especially If you make it with fresh tomatoes like I do. It’s the sister versionRead more

How to make Tomato Puree-Nigerian Recipe


When I think of tomato puree, I’m taken back to memories of my mum making her signature tomato stew in our kitchen. Wherever you were in the house, the aroma would somehow waft through the air and find its way to your nostrils….Now I/m hungry for rice and fresh stew with some plantains to go….Read more

How to make Nigerian Beef Stock


There is never a time that I’m in my mother’s kitchen while she is preparing beef stock, that I would not help myself to some tasty and juicy pieces of beef (particularly the ones with biscuit bone and fat…o la la). Though whenever she spots me, I would get that “don’t try it again look”Read more