Top 10 Things I Learnt In Cooking School

From the numerous things that we were taught in cooking school, these are the list of the 10 things that stand out the most for me: KNIFE SKILLS  From the first the day we started working in the kitchen tiIl the last day of practical classes, our teachers never stopped making sure we held andRead more

Cooking School Diaries: Food Plating & Presentation

st pius x culinary institute

One of the things I enjoyed about cooking school was watching our teachers style food and plate different dishes. I had 2 teachers in particular who really had a neat and interesting way of playing dishes. We were always amazed by their food plating methods and at the end of a cooking session you neededRead more

DUMIMAJA-New Video Release by Ogecha

Dumimaja by Ogecha-¬† (I just realized that If you received this post in your email, you won’t be able to view the Youtube video of Dumimaja in your email, so you have to click the link that takes you to the Kauna Kitchen blog to view it) Hi guys, I am really excited to shareRead more