Cerelac for Dinner:)))

(Hi guys, sorry for my delay in posting new recipes this month. I have been out my element for a while now, but I promise I’ll be posting some very appetizing recipes shortly after this post. Actually, this post should have been up last week Friday,Im now back to eating solid meals:)But I still wanted to share it anyway, after all, no one’s hard work should go to waste;)

Hi guys, its dinner time.What are you having for dinner tonight? I’m having cerelac (yay)…the number 1 infant cereal!!!!! So I have had my Cerelac and Nutrend wheat cereals hiding in my kitchen cupboard for a while.

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I’m not ashamed to say that I still take cerelac,Yes o, call me an agbaya (Nigerian slang for an adult acting like a child),lol, but I’ll agree to this one.   So, today I have a legitimate reason to take my cerelac, lol.I had my wisdom tooth taken out so I can only have liquids or semi-solid foods for now.I hope my future baby doesn’t form for me when I feed him/her, because Ill gladly help myself to his/her bowl of Cerelac. lol. If you have never had a tooth extraction before,then consider yourself lucky.The pain after the anaesthesia wears off is something else.Thank God for my very experienced dentist and  pain relievers like Ibruprofen. If you do have one in the future; you will be advised to take only liquids or semi-solid foods for a day or two. My number one meal suggestion would be… Cerelac, of course!!!Lol. Don’t mind me. If you are not a baby lala like me, then you could make yourself fruit and.or vegetable smoothies. They are healthy and will be safe for you to swallow without worrying about pain. Here are some smoothie recipes on the blog: they all have bananas in them:

Have a goodnight everyone, and look out for more appetizing recipes.

6 thoughts on “Cerelac for Dinner:)))

  1. i must leave a comment on this one. lol. have you tried Quaker Oats, honey bunches of oats, even custard and..AKAMU lol! these are all healthy alternatives, and most likely more nutritious too cos they are made with adults in mind. lol. dont mind me my dear. enjoy ur cerelac. maybe one day there will be cerelac for adults thanks to you and then the millions of OVERAGE cerelac lovers will be evident. hehe. i luh u 🙂

    1. Eggy, lolest.I just knew you had to comment on this one.I trust you.Anyway, the next time you come over I’ll make sure you have a spoon of my cerelac.

  2. Cerelac is great way to fulfill your baby daily dietary and nutritive requirements. It has Iron, Calcium, Fatty Acids and Vitamins thats helps child in early stage development.

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