Count Your Blessings-“Prayer is one of them”

Some days ago. I was wondering and asking this question in my heart” Why do I I need to pray”?. I was thinking to myself, after all, you are God, you are powerful, you know all my needs even before I ask…., so why do I have to state the “seemingly obvious” (Yes, someone might say, stop asking an obvious question, or why should you ask such a question, but I have begun to learn, that If I can think something, then I can pray(ask) it). After all, God already knows my thoughts, so why pretend or be afraid to ask. A mentor told me a while ago, that there is nothing wrong in asking God sincere questions in our heart, as long as we are looking to learn, accept, & believe whatever answers he gives us. I guess in the end, he chooses how to respond to us, and whether or not he would even respond, but I think that it’s better to ask and not receive a response, than not receive a response because we did not ask.

So anyway, I was having a conversation with a close friend some days ago, and I asked her this question, she gave me a lot of responses that I already knew, but which were still reassuring to hear.However,there were 2 main points that stood out to me, She said:

  • God gives us many things already that we did not even pray or ask him for. e.g. natural & general things like the change in seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the family I have…and personal/individual things like today, my brother called me and to my greatest surprise and delight; he is buying me a new phone (Sammy my Boo is a sweetheart)!!!I can assure you, I did not pray for this, I was even planning on buying one for myself once I had set some money aside for that.God definitely gave me something I did not ask for.
  • Prayer is reasoning/discussing with God, and I paraphrase her at this junction ” The Bible says that Jesus is interceding for us at this moment in heaven, and that the Holy Spirits who knows the mind of God also intercedes for us according to God’s will for our lives.So, If Jesus and the Holy Spirit are reasoning out and discussing my case with God, then why shouldn’t I agree and cooperate with them as well ?

I did not intend to write such a long post, but I guess the message I’m hoping to share is that …In fact, its funny that when I started writing this post I intended to just say a few things about “Counting your Blessings” but I have ended up writing something quite different from that.

What I still want to share is that, it is always great to count our blessings; because we are reminded of God’s goodness and love for us,and also because in remembering what God has done in the past we are encouraged in the present and for the future. I saw this quote online:

Don’t think of the things you did not get after praying; Think of the countless blessings God gave you without asking”

So remember to count your blessings; Prayer is one of them:)

And on that note, I would like to say thanks to everyone who made my birthday memorable; I appreciate all the gifts, calls,messages,”Happy Birthday” renditions, cakes and every other gift I got. I trust you guys will outdo yourselves next year…lol, In fact Ill start compiling my wishlist a year in advance….lol.



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