Delicious Food Items You Must Not Miss in Rajasthan, India


The “Land of Kings” is what Rajasthan is addressed; yes, it is indeed the most important state in India. Along with its vivid culture and rich heritage, the state is extremely popular for its cuisine. If you are a foodie and looking forward to enjoying some mouth-watering Indian delicacies, you are at the right place.

Rajasthan is all about food temptation, spices, and food aroma. In this post, I am presenting to you some extremely tempting and popular Rajasthani dishes that you must try if you happen to travel to this hub of palaces and kings. Let’s have a look at them in details:


1. Daal-Baati-Churma

DaalBaatiChurma is the ‘Trademark’ to the Rajasthani cuisine; therefore, the most popular dish of this place. It is prepared with a unique combination of 3 main items – Daal (cooked from mixed lentils); Baati (made from whole wheat flour); and Churma (a combination dessert). This combination of Daal with pure Ghee (clarified butter) dipped Battis and Churma makes it scrumptious.

If you are in Rajasthan, then don’t miss this delicious dish. It is a must-have for all food lovers. This is an aromatic, exotic and appetizing dish that will put you in a food coma. Don’t miss, just try it once in your life…

2. PyaazkiKachori

How can someone forget to try most popular and spicy PyaazKachori in Rajasthan? You can find these tempting and aromatic Kachoris in every Namkeen shop on the streets of Rajasthan.

What’s it? It is prepared with potatoes stuffed inside multi-grain flour balls along with onion and spices. Does your flour go bad? They have some excellent ways of preserving flour for more than a year. It’s a perfect treat for all Rajasthanidie-hard food fans. This puffy pastry is very popular among the locals here, especially for breakfast and brunch. Many people enjoy it with Tamarind sauce (sour/sweet.) Isn’t your mouth already watering? There’s more to come…

3. KalmiVada

This is an all-time favorite deep-fried Rajasthan side-dish. It is prepared with gram pulse and deep-fried in oil or clarified butter. Enjoy this mouth-wobbling item with mint/coriander chutney; I am sure you are going to make it up to the next level. It is an ideal tea-time snack during winter and monsoon season. If you are in Rajasthan, then you must try this snack.

4. MirchkePakode

‘Mirch’ means chili and ‘Pakode’ means deep-fried stuffing. Yes, this street food is very spicy and extremely delicious. Do you dare to try this one? Big Green chilies a preferred for this dish; ‘Mirchke Pakode’ are prepared by stuffing these chilies with spiced, boiled potatoes, and then deep-fried.

Served with two types of chutneys (sauces) – tamarind and coriander, this dish can put you to the out-of-the-world imagination. What more can you ask for?

5. MeethiBajrekiPuri

Have you ever tried Meethi Bajreki, Puri? If not, then don’t forget to try it in Rajasthan. It’s special!

This deep-fried puri is made with a combination of methi (fenugreek) leaves, whole wheat flour, and Bajra (pearl millet.) You can enjoy it with Raita (flavored yogurt/vegetable curd) or AlookiSabji. This tastes unique, and this is the something that makes Rajasthani cuisine so popular in India and across the world. This can be the perfect treat for those who don’t want to eat extra spicy food in Rajasthan.

6. MawaKachori

This is a very popular dish and heavenly dessert. Stuffed with nuts, saffron, heavy cream, cardamom, milk powder and sugar, it tastes scrumptious. I am definite that you would want to have it again and again.

You can try it anytime as this dish is easily available in various Sweet centers and Namkeen shops in Rajasthan. You should choose the famous shop to enjoy the taste of Mawakachori.

7. Ghevar

I have a sweet-tooth; personally, this is my favorite one. This traditional Indian dessert is disc shaped and prepared using water, corn flour, sugar, pure ghee, and refined flour. It is extremely appetizing, and you cannot miss it.

Ghevar is a must-include dessert on various festivals in Rajasthan such as Teej and Holi. Rajasthani people love to enjoy this traditional desert during festivals and on special occasions.


8. Laal Maas

Laal mass is the crowd-favourite dish of Rajasthan. It gets red color from fried chilies. You can enjoy it with plain rice or Bajra roti. This is a famous spicy dish in Rajasthan, and if you love spicy food, then you should not miss it. You will love the taste. They prepare it in the red copper pan.

9. Mohan Mass

This can be the perfect Rajasthani dish for every non-vegetarian tourist visiting Rajasthan. It is cooked with mild spices and milk that makes it juicy and tender.  This is an aromatic dish that brings water in your mouth.

Well, there are lots of food options are available in Rajasthan for non-vegetarian, but if you want the perfect blend of spices, flavor, and aroma, you should try Mohan Mass. You will never get disappointed after having this dish.

10. Ker Sangri

This is a most favorite desert vegetable, and I must say people use it as a pickle. You can enjoy this tangy side dish with Bajraki roti. People in Rajasthan prepare Ker Sangriki Sabji on various special occasion and enjoy it with their guests.This can be the perfect dish for you if you want to try something unique and try.

If you don’t want to eat Gatte, Laal Maas, Mohan Mass and any other spicy or heavy dish in Rajasthan, Ker Sangri can be the best option to look into.

11. GattekiKhichdi

This is the best rice preparation. It is prepared with soft besan gatta and rice. You can enjoy it as an evening snack. Khichdi can be a light food option, and it adds taste when it will come with besan (gram flour) gatta. You cannot miss this delicious rice preparation as it makes your taste buds and tummy content instantly.

12. Gujia

This is the common sweet that is used during most popular Indian festival named Holi. It is prepared with Mawa, refined flour, Sugar, Khoya, Nuts and more. You would find it so delicious and soft.


13. DilKhushal

People in Rajasthan love to eat sweets, and they are fond of it, you can find a vast variety of sweets in Rajasthan. Besanki Barfi or Mohanthaal is among those popular sweets. You can eat it as it is very special sweet. It comes with nice chewy texture, and you find it very delicious.

14. BoondikaRaita

Considered more in North India, Raita is also a part of the Rajasthani cuisine. It can enhance the taste of your food by balancing the taste of spices in your food.This is very easy to prepare it as it takes 10 minutes in preparation. This can be the best option during summers.  It enhances your food taste and makes it light and easy to digest.

15. RajasthaniKadi

Kadi is a staple food all over the country; however, the preparation and ingredients in each state differ. It is the most famous in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Maharashtra.

Rajasthani Kadi has something special to offer you and tastes just Yummy. This is spicier and aromatic, and it offers an amazing taste to your taste buds. Kadi is considered very healthy and light food that you can enjoy with plain rice.

16. ChurmaLadoo

Not even a single festival or feast complete without this amazing and popular sweet dish. You should try it as you will find them tasty and special. This is also used in various auspicious occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. You can easily find these Ladoo on various sweet shops.

17. Badamka Halwa

Hot halwa can be your best buddy in winters. You can try Badam halwa in Rajasthan as it is easily available. You will find it very tasty and mouth watering. It is prepared with ghee, suji, sugar and dry fruits. This is a very healthy dish that offers you health benefits along with taste.

18. AamkiLaunjii

Rajasthan is a desert, and you need something to beat the heat! You must try this instantly made Aam pickle in the form of AamkiLaunjii. This is prepared from raw mangoes and used as a heat beater. If Mango is your favorite food, then you should try it.

19. ShahiGatte

You might have tried Masala Gatte in Rajasthan, but Shahi Gatte, as the name suggest, is the richer version of Masala Gatte. It is prepared with besanke Gatte and lots of nuts. It tastes yummy, and you can enjoy it with plain rice and roti.

The list can go on endlessly. Rajasthan’s delicacies make it one of the most popular states in India. This state occupies the highest number of tourist from across the globe. If you are a foodie and planning to visit Rajasthan, then this guide can be very useful for you. Rajasthan cuisine offers the ‘Real Taste of India.’

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