DUMIMAJA-New Video Release by Ogecha

Dumimaja by Ogecha- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56yEDzZy8P8

(I just realized that If you received this post in your email, you won’t be able to view the Youtube video of Dumimaja in your email, so you have to click the link that takes you to the Kauna Kitchen blog to view it)

Hi guys, I am really excited to share  the video of the song Dumimaja with you; I hope you will be blessed by it as I have been.It took me a while to share this video with you guys because I had no clue on embedding Youtube videos in a blog post; but now I know how,yipee:)

It is the official video of Ogecha’s Dumimaja – An amazing song from her debut album “All For You.” By the way,you might be wondering why I am blogging about a song on my food blog; but I broke the rules today because  Ogecha is my sweet (emphasis on sweet) older sister so I obviously have a personal agenda and interest in sharing this video…lol.

I still remember the nights at home during our NYSC days, when she would interrupt my sleep time and bug me to read and listen to the songs that she was writing then (she writes all her songs); little did I know that I would be blogging about one of those songs today.

(Gege at least my dedicated ear service wasn’t wasted…lol)

Ok, so back to the song,”Dumimaja” means “Hide Me” in my native language “Igala”, spoken in Kogi State, Nigeria. The video depicts how far a mother would go to ensure the safety of her child and according to Ogecha it is really about God himself hiding us and keeping us safe and protected during times of trouble and distress. I feel that the release of this song is very timely, particularly with all that is going on around us today. Especially in Nigeria with the Ebola virus and Boko Haram threats, may God continue to hide us and all our loved ones in his warm and strong embrace .

The video was shot in Capetown, South Africa and directed by Mark Hofmeyr. You can find the rest of Ogecha’s songs on Itunes or CD baby. Enjoy, and share with everyone you know…;)

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