Happy Belated New Year!!!

Happy New Year to my blog family and friends!!!!

I apologize for my 2 month absence from the blog. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances; but I must confess that I enjoyed my time away because I had some time to rest and learn new culinary related things.

I spent my Christmas in Nigeria and I had a very interesting and refreshing stay at home. I got to try out new and old recipes at home and in restaurants, make some of my recipes for family and friends, and of course get pampered. It was so nice to wake up to lots of sunshine and prance about in flip flops and summer dresses, knowing that my reality will soon become a distant memory once I returned to the “shores” of Canada. Nonetheless, there is certainly no place like home and I look forward to going back in the very near future;)

Well, I’m back to start off from where I left. Look forward to getting new blog posts on more recipes and food related information.

Here are some pictures of my time back home, Enjoy!!!

The lovely December couple-the reason for my first visit to Delta state:)
I, and the two musketeers(Chris Rio and Eggy:)
Goodbye Delta State.
This eatery was at the Warri airstrip…what a direct way to send your message. truly Nigerian,lol.
Visiting relatives in Kogi State
Ososo is actually a very scenic place; It would make a nice resort .
Happy Birthday to our strong, beautiful,and loving mummy.:)


Finally, I went to the beach after 8 long years:) I also got my first horse ride, Yay.



Yay, breakfast with scrambled eggs,my happy meal:)

I had to end the post with a food photo:)  Goodnight.

What do you think?