Introducing Kauna Events

Nigerian event planner

Hello blog family.

I’m writing this post to officially inform you that the Kauna brand is officially expanding its scope in the hospitality field. 

As of this month we will now officially offer event planning and coordination services in Montreal and surrounding areas and hopefully in Nigeria in the near future. This has been long coming and it seemed right to us to launch head on into it.

I received my event planning certificate in early 2014 but at the time I had my hands full with my former week job. If some of you are wondering why event planning? Truth is aside from cooking, event planning is another passion of mine. I got my hands into creating events as early as my secondary school days and it never stopped since then.

Montreal event planner

I remember spending my precious “pocket money” in my high school days on Mr.Biggs  cakes and gifts for my class’s end of term award night planned and coordinated by yours truly. I still find it hilarious when I think about how my closest friends believed in me enough to donate their time and precious “pocket money” as well for my eccentric ventures…something we laugh about till today.

I won’t bore you with my liturgy on the history of my event planning evolution in this post, I don’t have that long of an attention span myself. Instead, I plan to share in a series of upcoming posts some of the events I have been fortunate enough to plan and coordinate ( let’s say I’m building a foundation for what is to come…and so that the skeptics may believe?.

If you’d like us to plan your event in the near future, feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting.We are also taking bookings for 2017.

See you in the coming post.?



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  1. congratulations Uneku! Wow l am so happy to know that you are following your passion and making the best out of it. I have know doubt that you shall truly shine. You are more than a World Class brand…God bless

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