Introducing the Kauna Kitchen Weekly Meal Plan Package

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Happy Labour Day!

It has been over a month since I put up a post and I apologise for that.In fact a lot has been going on amidst laptop troubles and cooking school (Yes oh, I am now enrolled in a professional cooking program…I will share more about that in a future post).Back to the reason for this post.

Kauna Kitchen will now be providing a new PACKAGE to its customers in the Montreal area.This package was created with the goal to meet the needs of the busy professional and students who have a lot on their schedule and little time to prepare meals at home.These meals are prepared with you in mind 

Kauna Kitchen Services
A weekly meal plan



This package offers a total of  different meals for the week. Package will cost between a total range of $50-$75 per week depending on the meal plan/menu for the week. Meals and meal combinations will be altered on a weekly basis.

You must place your order at least 3 days before the next week to be able to have the package for the following week. An email with the weekly meal plans and package price will be sent out to Kauna Kitchen clients a week before the meals are prepared. Meals will be prepared during the weekend and can be picked up on Saturday or Sunday evenings.


  1. A deposit of 50% must be made prior to pick up and balance is remitted at time of pick-up.
  2. Please note that there is no delivery for this service. You will have to pick up the order from our kitchen.
  3. This package is for a minimum of 2 weeks

Below is a sample menu which we provided for our clients this week of September 7th.   

Kauna Kitchen
This week’s menu.


>   Fried Rice & Grilled Chicken

>  Irish Potato Porridge

> Native Rice & Grilled Turkey

> Semolina & Efo-Riro (Vegetable) Soup

> Herbed Potatoes & Egg Stew

Total Package Price was $55.00


If you are a first time customer we would include a special treat with this weekly package to welcome you to the Kauna Kitchen family.

Please contact us if you have any questions and remember to share this news with friends as well.


There you have it. Remember to share this information with family,friends, or anyone who you believe will benefit from it.

Have a beautiful week.

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