Jevenik Restaurant, Abuja-RESTAURANT REVIEW

Jevenik Restaurant review

Hi guys, so today I will be starting my first restaurant review post and the lucky star for today is Jevenik Restaurant located in Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT,Nigeria.The purpose of these  restaurant review post is to share with our readers and anyone else our own firsthand dining experiences and help you make more informed decisions when and if you decide to patronize any of the reviewed restaurants on the blog.

I have been a customer of the Jevenik restaurant located in Wuse 2, Abuja as far back as 2008 and since I still keep going back; there are obviously some positive elements that have kept me as a customer. To make this review as straightforward and concise as possivle ,I will arrange my thoughts into different sections and rate each section on a 5 star basis.So let’s begin…


Jevenik Restaurant  review
Pounded yam & Oha soup which my husband had on our recent visit in June 2015

Tastes & Flavours 

I have enjoyed all the meals that I have had there so far.I think they do a great job with their use and combination of different local Nigerian condiments; the flavours are authentic and I always enjoy the process of trying to figure out what spice or herb has been used in a particular dish. In fact, Jevenik was the first and only place that I had periwinkles (I have not had snails yet…maybe one day I will); so that should tell you something about their food and ability to season meals just right.

Meal Variety 

If you are looking for a restaurant with a wide range of authentic traditional Nigerian dishes then Jevenik is the place to go. I believe they have the largest variety of Nigerian dishes. Their menu includes a variety of Nigerian soups including one of my favorite soups (White Soup), rice dishes including coconut rice (there is something about their coconut rice,I’m still trying to figure out their secret ingredient…lol).They also have some snacks a.k.a small chops on the side.


So I can say that their food presentation is better than it used to be, but I’m sure they can still make some improvements. Who says Nigerian dishes should not look tastefully appealing.

  Jevenik restaurant

Pricing & Portions 

Also, if you’re really hungry, FEAR NOT, their food portions are quite generous. I have never been able to finish my food at the restaurant and always ask for a take way pack. So their you get a good quantity of food for the value of your money.


The decor in the restaurant is not my favorite. Apart from the tablecloth which is made from traditional Nigerian fabric, I find that their decor is quite flat and there is more room for improvement.

The atmosphere in my opinion is quite lively and the restaurant is usually packed with customers especially on weekdays.


Jevenik Restaurant review

The waiters are quick to attend to you on arrival and orders are served on time.However I have noticed that they delay when it’s time to bring the bill.On several occasions I have had to stretch out my neck and even leave my seat to find the waiter to get my bill.

All Jevenik waiters are male ( I wonder what the reason behind this operational strategy might be), and I find that they are good at what they do.I also like the idea of wearing different uniforms; the waiters wear different uniforms and I find this visually appealing.


This restaurant is strategically located.In the heart of Wuse 2 which is a bustling commercial and residential area alike. It is easily accessible by private and public transport.There are a number of restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels in the area


  • For the number of customers that patronize them; I find that their parking space is not adequate 
  • Since the restaurant is crowded most of the time, it might not be the best dining experience for persons who want a private or more relaxed atmosphere 


All in all, Jevenik Restaurant in Wuse is a restaurant I would recommend to anyone looking to enjoy a variety of traditional Nigerian dishes with authentic flavours and representations. In my personal opinion I rate them 3.5 stars on a 5 star scale.

Please we would love to hear your own feedback and dining experiences at this restaurant as well.You can leave your comments in the comment box below.

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