Mont Tremblant Trip

Hi everyone. Happy November, I hope you are taking advantage of the new month,I am so glad I have the chance to start blogging again. Wow, I have missed you guys and my blog but I am glad to be back. If you are wondering why I have been silent for so long, it is because I was occupied with my wedding plans. I got married on the 18th of October in Nigeria and I am looking forward to blogging about the wedding and sharing the entire process with you.For those of you who don’t know I love planning events as well so I enjoyed the entire wedding planning process and I have so much to say about it all, but I will share that in my wedding post. Keep your eyes open for it, I will be putting it up later in the week. For now, here is a little post on one of my trips (for those of you who might be looking for a vacation spot in the near future) to keep you occupied till then and so you know the blog is still up and running.See you soon.

So, It was the weekend of my birthday and I was fortunate to spend it at Mont Tremblant. I had heard a lot about Mont Tremblant and for a while had it in my plans to visit the place. Thank God, I was finally able to go with some friends as well (it had been more than a year since we had talked about visiting Mont Tremblant).

It was a good opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to be surrounded by nature in it’s purest form. We were able to stay at a nice lodge called Mont Tremblant Lodge with a very friendly and particularly conversational lodge owner; he was one of the highlights of the trip.I told him I would give him a review so If you are looking for a nice play to stay on a moderate budget, then you might want to try his lodge.

So If you have never been to Mont Tremblant, I suggest you plan to visit in the near future. If you are a nature lover like me; you will not regret it. There are lots of places to stay, a number of activities to do, and beautiful scenery to see and be in awe of. I am going to attempt to give a brief review of Mont Tremblant and our recent trip. Enjoy.


Here’s the official Mont Tremblant Resort site with all the information that you need to know.


Mont Tremblant is a city in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. It is about 130 kilometres north-west of Montreal. The town is famous for its resort the Mont Tremblant resort, natural scenery such as mountains, woods, lakes, wildlife etc. There are lots of activities for tourists to engage in during the summer as well as in the winter; the resort is famous for skiing in the winter. There is also a variety of accomodation and lodging to stay in. The more expensive hotels and lodges are closer to the resort itself or right at the foot of the mountain; nearest to the activity centre.

IMG-20140803-WA0006 - Copy
Eggy & I; all smiles.

IMG-20140819-WA0002 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0004 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0007 - Copy
At the car park, waiting to take the bus to the resort.

IMG-20140819-WA0005 - Copy


IMG-20140819-WA0009 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0010 - Copy


IMG-20140819-WA0016 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0008 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0013 - Copy


20140802_114715 - Copy

20140802_114725 - Copy

20140802_114731 - Copy






IMG-20140819-WA0027 - Copy
Cable car..up in the air, I would definitely do this again. It takes you up the mountain and back down again.
IMG-20140803-WA0011 - Copy
Bobo mi:)

IMG-20140819-WA0023 - Copy

IMG-20140802-WA0004 - Copy
Yes we did…In a cable car:)

IMG-20140802-WA0013 - Copy


IMG-20140802-WA0010 - Copy

IMG-20140819-WA0042 - Copy




IMG-20140803-WA0030 - Copy

IMG-20140802-WA0001 - Copy

IMG-20140802-WA0027 - Copy

20140802_125138 - Copy

IMG-20140803-WA0009 - Copy

Her voice was surreal and she sang country songs…I was so in love:)

  IMG-20140804-WA0017 - Copy

20140803_132630 - Copy
One of the lakes at the resort. You could take a pedal boat, kayak, canoe or motorised boat.
IMG-20140804-WA0002 - Copy
Pedal away.
IMG-20140804-WA0020 - Copy
A view from the pedal boat conductor, just before “You are spoiling it”
IMG-20140804-WA0004 - Copy
First-time pedallers

IMG-20140804-WA0019 - Copy
Smile for the camera and hope the phone does not fall into the lake;)
IMG-20140804-WA0023 - Copy
Goodbye Mont Tremblant:)

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