12 Days of Nigerian Desserts For Christmas

Nigerian christmas

Hello blog Family,

Christmas is only 2 weeks away, and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the long holidays and quality time with family.I surely am.

Since most of us will have quite an amount of time on our hands this season, I decided to come up with some dessert suggestions for us all to try out this season. Desserts are not a common course in Nigeria cuisine , though we do have a number of dishes in Nigeria that fall under that category e.g. Coconut Candy, Puff Puff etc. However, I know in recent times more and more Nigerians are now open to trying out and experimenting on possible dessert options from a Nigerian perspective.

Our 12 DAYS OF NIGERIAN DESSERTS for Christmas will feature 12 recipes made with majority of ingredients that are locally grown or readily available in Nigeria. So you don’t have an excuse for not making something sweet for your loved ones this Christmas oh.The recipes are mostly easy to medium skill levels and there is a recipe for everyone;

healthy desserts, no bake desserts, quick desserts, and dangerously decadent desserts.

So the countdown begins this Wednesday, December 14th and ends on Christmas Day, Sunday the 25th. The Dessert for the 25th will be something easy and feature ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of our dessert candidates ( this dessert will be plated in a different way when you see the recipe). Can you guess what the 4 ingredients are?


So keep your mailboxes open and ready for our Dessert Countdown “Nigerian Style”.

Have a blessed and beautiful week!!!


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