Journey to the Aisle: OUR WHITE WEDDING

This post has been 2 years later, but like they say it’s better late than never. Happy Anniversary to US. I had always wanted to share my wedding and wedding planning experience with you guys but for some reason kept postponing putting up the post. Well here it is finally. Throughout this week, I’ll share with you guys different posts related to my entire wedding planning journey so stay tuned;)

2 years ago on October 18th I married my best friend and gentleman ” Mr.J.” Planning my wedding was one of the most exciting, challenging, and satisfying tasks I ever took on. It wasn’t easy especially since I only arrived in Nigeria 2 weeks to the day. However, I did get help from another wedding planner Manny, owner of Sculptors Events. His expertise was of great help as well.

I remember waking up at 6am after only having slept after midnight, I had gotten one of the best facials ever from a dear family friend and beautiful fashionista, Miss Grace Monday. I had my bath while all my roommates were still fast asleep.

It was raining heavily and I picked up my phone to call the make up artist to find out why she hadn’t arrived, only to realize that my phone battery had run down during the night. Minutes later, thank God I realized on time, I found my make up artist drenched by the rain; she kept calling my line and was about to leave as no one had heard her knocking by the gate. All I can say is God bless her heart, though I was late for my appointment, she took her time and did a beautiful job on me.Shortly after she left to catch up with her other bridal appointment after giving me tips on how to maintain my make up throughout the day.

NigerIan make up artist Abuja make up artists Beautiful Nigerian bride

Having the wedding photographer/family friend sleep over was a blessing as he was there all through the make up and dress up process.

Nigerian wedding
My beautiful Mama .

Purple wedding Nigerian wedding gowns fb_img_1476764716903 Our plans to take photos with the bridal train before the wedding fell through the drain; seeing that by the time I was ready, we only had enough time to make it to the church venue and no extra time to spare. Fortunately, my groom got to take some lovely pictures at our photo venue with his family and groomsmen.

We left the house for the church on time, and it was lovely and convenient having my entire bridal train ( which included my sister, close friend, and cousin) in the car with me as well as my aunt and little cousin. We got to take pictures, joke around, and relish my final minutes of singledom *allow me use that word*


fb_img_1476764982566 fb_img_1476764466194 fb_img_1476764504294 fb_img_1475599998807



Once at the church, this was one of my funniest memories of that day, my 3rd eldest sister met me in the car to make sure that all was safe regarding my wedding dress. Seeing that I was getting married at an RCCG church branch, I should have had my gown inspected but as that didn’t happen, sissy wanted to make sure I wold be safe from prying eyes/fault finders. She had her reasons for sure seeing that for the boldly endowed ladies like myself, finding a wedding gown that fits just right is no easy fit. Then even of it fits right, you still have to deal with the issue of making sure those God-given assets stay put; my sister made sure of that by adding some tissue beneath my lace bolero…lol…yes you read right, tissue protection, it worked right, cause I don’t remember being stopped from entering the church.

Nigerian wedding
Safe and sound between my sisters???..just after the tissue incident;)
Nigerian Church wedding
My younger brother walking me down the aisle.

Nigerian wedding Nigerian wedding rccg Nigerian wedding


I and my brother walked down the aisle to one of my Father’s favourite hymns. It was a beautiful service and it was a blessing having my own Pastor give the sermon at our wedding. He has a gift for giving sermons that are precise and short when the need arises and he didn’t fail to deliver, he kept true to his word and I still remember the summary of his 7 minute sermon that day “GO DEEP WITH GOD”

Once the wedding service was officially over, I and Mr.J quickly rushed off to our photo venue to take pictures with the bridal train and nuclear family members. We planned to take pictures with guests at the reception venue.

fb_img_1475600022771 fb_img_1475600088805 fb_img_1476764858421

Beautiful Nigerian wedding Nigerian weddings Event centres abuja Shehu Yar' Adua Centre fb_img_1476765004119 Purple and green wedding


There are so many things I am grateful for on that day, and on that list is the decor at the reception. When I designed my wedding decor theme and presented it to the events decor vendor, I was a bit skeptical that he would produce exactly what I wanted since he spent a greater part of our time talking to me about his past ventures. However, I was sweetly surprised the moment I caught a glimpse of the venue.It was truly beautiful.I would recommend him any day seeing that he took my idea and made it come to life.

NigerIan mother and daughter dance
Dancing to our special “mother – daughter ” favorite song “Ko le baje”

Nigerian wedding Nigerian wedding cakes

img_9933-min img_9925-min

Naowa centre

The reception was pretty enjoyable; I barely ate my food, I believe that day alone comes with some sort of satisfaction especially when you know you’re in God’s perfect will, there’s a peace that is undeniable.

Some moments of the reception that I relish to this day:

  • Our violin waltz
  • My dance with my mother to our favorite song “Ko le baje”
  • Seeing my mother’s face full of joy and laughter

We left the venue at around 5pm and got to our hotel some minutes later.

I must say that I enjoyed my wedding day and I’m truly grateful to God for the way he made it all turn out. I’m forever grateful to my mother, siblings, pastors,  family members, family friends , friends, vendors, and everyone who made that day unquestionably beautiful.

In the coming posts, I’ll share with you more in-depth details on the vendors, traditional wedding, and wedding planning experience and tips I learned through the entire process. Stay tuned.





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