How To Peel Beans Using A Blender

Peeling beans

Beans is a staple Nigerian ingredient used to make a number of dishes. One of these dishes known as moi-moi is a favorite across most Nigerian ethnic borders because of the recipe versatility and quite frankly it tastes really good. However, If you’re like me, then you might agree that the tedious traditional hand-washing beans method employed by most of our mothers in the moi-moi making process has had a negative effect on the amount of times you make moi-moi in your home.

But thank God for technology and people who are always willing to take risks and try out new things because now we can cut down on the labour and time needed to prepare moi-moi by simply employing the function of one of my favorite and indispensable kitchen tools, “the blender”.Ever since I discovered this method of peeling beans, I have been more eager to feature moi-moi in our home meal plan more regulary.

So here’s how this works:

Peeling beans


  • Beans e.g Oloyin, black-eyed peas etc.
  • Cold water
  • Strong blender
  • Sieve
  • Large bowl



  1. Soak beans in a bowl of cold water for a maximum of 5 minutes and then strain out the water in nothing more than 5 minutes. (Please don’t soak your beans longer than 5 mins,you can even soak them for less than 5mins. You only need to soften the skin of the beans and not the beans themselves. If you leave the beans longer, they will become too soft and thus be badly crushed during the blending/pulsing process. Trust me, I let mine soak just 2 minutes longer and my beans were broken into very tiny bits, meaning I lost quite a good quantity of beans during the washing process.LESSON LEARNT. My friend actually pulses her beans dry in the blender without soaking them and she says it works fine for her. I will try it one of these days but I’m still hesitant because I’m not yet ready to put my blender to the test ). Peeling beans
  2. Scoop a handful of beans into the blender. If you start in smaller quantities it will remove the skins easily and faster also if it’s your first time it is better to do it in little batches until you get better at it. Peeling beans
  3. Cover the blender, using the pulse button on your blender, pulse a few times until you see that most of the beans skins are off. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the beans has been pulsed.(I have a pulse button on my blender, but If you don’t have one, you can use the on and off switch on your blender’ just turn it on and off for a few seconds interval). After a few pulses most of the skins will be off.
    Peeling beans
    I soaked my beans for longer than 5mins so they broke into much smaller pieces because they were too soft.Either way,apart from the fact that isome of the beans were washed away in the water, it didn’t really matter since they were going to be pureed for moi moi batter.

    Peeling beans

  4. Pour water over the peeled beans and let the skins float to the top. Decant the water and repeat the process again until majority of the beans skin are washed away. Peeling beans Peeling beans
  5. You might have a few stubborn beans who got away with their skins still on; you have 3 options:
    • Just wash the skins off using water and your hands (at least the blender did most of the work for you :))
    • Pick them out and pulse again in the blender (If you’re feeling really lazy)
    • Just ignore them and blend your mix.I took this route and I did’t notice any difference in the texture of my moi-moi.

Peeling beans

Peeling beans
Final product☺

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