A Nigerian Menu For Easter.

nigerian easter

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Easter is just around the corner and I know we are all looking forward to the long weekend.It’s a time to relax, spend quality time with loved ones, complete household chores, but most importantly for a Child of God it’s a reminder that the one who I have given my heart is Alive…Yes we are in a relationship with a loving living Jesus.It is so comforting to know that My Jesus is Alive and my hope is alive. #GODISNOTDEAD by the way the movie GOD IS NOT DEAD 2 is out in cinemas(at least in North America, I’m not sure when it will be screening in Nigerian cinemas) on April 2nd.

So to celebrate his resurrection with loved ones I have come up with some 3 course menu suggestions for anyone who is looking to entertain family or friends with Nigerian cuisine. I hope you try one of these out and have a beautiful Easter.

(Most of the recipes in the menu are found here on the Kauna Kitchen blog and when clicked will take you to their respective pages, however 1or 2 of them are recipes from the “Afrolems blog” owned and managed by my high school classmate Atim Ukoh.

I created 3 different menus based on level of expertise and time required to prepare the selected dishes.

MENU 1 is for you if you want to play it safe and stay within your comfort zone so the dishes are common everyday Nigerian meals that most of us grew up eating and now make in our own homes; also the ingredients are readily available in local markets and even grocery stores.

MENU 2 is for you if you are willing to take a little risk and do something different.The recipes still use most of our common Nigerian ingredients though you might need to do a bit more research to find some ingredients eg. turmeric for the curry chicken or cornstarch for the beef stir fry.Nonetheless these ingredients are available in Nigeria. 

MENU 3 is for those who are willing to take thier culinary skills and know-how to another level and equally surprise thier family or friends with recipes that are not common for us Nigerians. However the ingredients are still available in Nigerian but they miget be more expensive and you would also have to embrace new ways of combining common ingredients to create these recipes.

The menus are not set in stone so feel free to adapt and combine as you want.What matters is that you enjoy your time with loved ones as we celebrate our Saviour’s resurrection. 

In addition, here is a more detailed list of other meal ideas for a Nigerian 3 course meal or menu. Click here – Nigerian Meal Ideas For A 3 Course Menu

MENU 1-Safe On Land


Cucumber Apple Salad

Kauna Kitchen
Served with poulet yassa and rice


Plantain Mosa OR Beef Peppersoup

plantain mosa

nigerian Beef Peppersoup


Side: Coconut Rice OR Fried Rice

coconut rice

Nigerian fried rice

Entree: Peppered Fish OR Stewed Chicken 

nigerian tomato stew


Orange Shortbread Cookies OR Pawpaw & Coconut Lime Yogurt Dip

Nigerian cookies

Pawpaw desserts


MENU 2-Test the Waters


Tomato Salsa

Tomato salsa


Dodo Gizzard OR Nutty Chicken Skewers

Nigerian Chicken kebabs


Side:  Lemon Butter Rice OR Garlic Scentleaf Mashed Potatoes

Nigerian lemon butter rice

Nigerian mashed potatoes

Entree: Chicken Curry Sauce OR Shredded Beef Sauce 


Banana Bread OR Coconut Rice Pudding

MENU 3-Take a Plunge


Plantain Salad

Nigerian plantain salad


Crispy Orange Thyme Turkey OR Plantain Battered Gizzard

Orange-thyme turkey

plantain battered gizzards


Entrée & Side: Stir Fry Peppersoup Spagetti  & Lemon Baked Scentleaf Tiliapia

Stir fry pasta

Garlic Butter baked tilapia

Entree & Side: Curry Salmon & Steamed Rice

Nigerian salmon recipe


Carrot Cake Cupcakes OR Zobo Poached Pears & Ice Cream

carrot cake cupcakes

Hibiscus poached pears

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