(Please check the appetizer, main course, and dessert menus to determine your order)


For events and parties, pricing is done on a custom basis as per menu selection and number of persons being catered for. Once you have contacted us with your menu selection/order for your event/party, we will respond with a quote/custom price for your event.

Please contact Kauna Kitchen a minimum of 5 days to the date of the event or party.


(these include takeaway plates and storage packs)

Takeaway plates/Party packs

(these orders are for those who want a dish to eat for the day and are only available on Saturdays and Sundays or on request)

Takeaway plates-$12

Storage packs/bowls

(these orders are for persons (e.g bachelors, students) looking to purchase meals in larger quantities to store for a longer period of time)

Small bowls- $15

Medium bowls-$25

Large bowls-$40

Please contact Kauna Kitchen a minimum of 3 days to the date


Send an email to kaunakitchen@yahoo.com or call 514-983-7019  

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