Stir Fry Tomato Pork Chops

Tomato pork chops

Pork isn’t something that I eat regularly and  one of the reason is that of all the animal proteins, it takes the longest to digest.So my suggestion is try to have pork only for breakfast or lunch so that it would be completely digested before you go to bed. Apart from the long digestion time,Read more

Orange Thyme Turkey

Orange-thyme turkey

Turkey is now a staple protein in our household diet since I’ve cut down on my red meat consumption. Turkey is a lean meat that takes well to seasoning and that’s one of the reasons I love cooking with it. Marinating meat is a common feature in cooking school and it has rubbed off onRead more

Homemade Baked Plantain Chips

plantain chips

Plantain chips in the comfort of your home, DIY.. Plantains are a staple and much loved food in Nigeria and many other parts of the world. Some reasons why we love plantains so much: Easy preparation  Packed with sweetness and require little or no seasoning Complement many other foods and meals Can be prepared withRead more

Sweet Potato & Plantain Porridge

Sweet Potato & Plantain Porridge

  Hi guys.Welcome to February!!!! I know that I have been off the food blogging scene for a while and I apologize for my absence.A number of things happened the past few months that made it difficult for me to keep up with the blog posts….just to mention a few, computer issues (again!!!),busy schedule inRead more