Stir Fry Peppersoup Spaghetti

Stir fry pasta

I’m sure you are wondering which one is peppersoup spaghetti again right?  But let me calm your apprehension; this dish right here is to live for!!! I made it one one of those days when I was craving something out of the ordinary. I was originally planning to make peppersoup, so I already had allRead more

Nigerian Beef Peppersoup With Boiled Plantains

Nigerian Beef Peppersoup

The Nigerian peppersoup as far as I know is the only soup that Nigerians literally drink; unlike our other soups (e.g. egusi, okra, ogbono, etc.) which are much thicker and primarily eaten with side dishes like eba,fufu, pounded yam etc. I love peppersoup! Most of you would agree that peppersoup is a lifesaver when youRead more