Plantain Food Profile – Foodology 101

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PLANTAIN FOOD PROFILE Origin & Description  Plantains are a staple and favourite food eaten in Nigeria. They are loved for their sugary taste when ripe. With a  (Scientific name: Musa paradisiaca), they are also known as cooking bananas and belong to the banana family. They look like bananas but are generally  larger and firmer when unripe. RipeRead more

Shrimp & Plantain Appetizer

Plantain canapes

 This shrimp and plantain appetizer idea was inspired by the canap√© classes I had in cooking school. Apart from the fact that I also wanted to do something different with my overripe plantains, instead of making Mosa;  a favourite Nigerian snack made with overripe plantain. It is easy to make, healthy, and is a fancyRead more

How to make Nigerian Mosa

plantain mosa

Hi guys, today’s recipe is very easy to follow. Please don’t throw away your overripe plantains, because you will need them to make this appetizer or small chop as we call them in Nigeria. Nigerian mosa is very similar to the Nigerian puff puff, and some people actually add yeast to it just like inRead more