Toyin’s Double Celebration-CATERING SERVICE

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Hello blog family.

I realized that I haven’t shared some our client service experiences and events; so in light of this I’ll start sharing some of these service experiences on the blog.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to provide catering services for our client Benite who threw a surprise birthday & graduation party for her boyfriend and a personal friend of mine.

It was a beautiful event, and we were glad to know that our client and her guests enjoyed the food.

Montreal caterer
Setting up for the evening
Montreal caterers
My manager and I;)

The menu for this party included the following dishes:

  1. Jollof Rice Nigerian restaurant in montreal
  2. Fried Rice Nigerian caterer in montreal
  3. Egusi  Nigerian restaurant in montreal
  4. Pounded Yam
  5. Grilled Chicken  Montreal African caterer
  6. Fried Plantains Montreal Nigerian restaurant
  7. Moi Moi
    Nigerian caterer in montreal
    Nigerian caterer in montreal

The evening ended well and we were able to pack up and leave at around 11pm.

Thanks to our beautiful client Benite for her patronage.

Special thanks to Obinna Okafor for the amazing photos.If you’re you need of a professional photographer here in Montreal, send me a mesage and I’ll put you in touch with him




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